Swiftwick Saves

February 1, 2012


I was only about 20 minutes into my ride at Markham when I crashed pretty hard. I let my wheel twist on a drop and said “uh oh” as I went over my bars in slow-mo.  When I got up my elbow was throbbing! Finishing out the trail, I could feel it jiggling around with […]

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Coconut Cup #4 – Oleta

January 22, 2012


  Ok, Ok. So I got 1st Place out of 1 in the Women’s XC1 class today. Oleta is always a brutal course…and you could tell by how many racers were missing. Every time you ride those trails more than 20 mi, your whole body aches. It’s really hard to get a flow on the […]

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12 Hrs of Amelia

January 12, 2012


12 Hours of Amelia – Jan 7, 2012 I had no idea how things would turn out this race. I’d been sick for over a week prior and hadn’t been on my mountain bike since FSC #9 Santos on Dec 11th. No matter how much I coughed or spat up mucus prior to race start, everyone […]

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Another 1st Place at FSC#8

November 21, 2011


FSC #8 – Caloosahatchee All my hard work is starting to pay off as I was able to grab the top podium spot for the second race in a row in the Gone Riding Florida State MTB Championship Series.

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