Sleepmonsters, 8/15/14, ITERA – The First Finishers

MTB Race News, 7/29/14, 15th Annual Off-Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell, NC

MTB Race News, 7/29/14, Jerdon Mountain Challenge, NC, Report and Results

MTB Race News, 4/27/14, Cohutta 100 – Ducktown, TN

Cycling News, 4/26/14, National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series: Cohutta 100 2014

Sleepmonsters, 10/2014, South and Central American Teams at ARWC Costa Rica

Canada’s Cycle Mag, PEDAL, 10/14/13, Moab Rocks Stages 2 and 3 Report

MTB Race News, 10/14/13, Moab Rocks MTB Race: Magnificent 7 Stage

adventuramag, 10/13/2013, Selva Ensures Participation in Adventure Racing World Championship

MTB Race News, 10/13/13, Moab Rocks Stage 2: Porcupine Rim

CyclingNews, 10/13/2013, Moab Rocks Stage 2 – Porcupine Rim

MTB Race News, 10/12/13, Moab Rocks MTB Stage Race – Stage 1

HEADSWEATSblog, 10/3/13, Athletes of the Month – Gold Rush Adventure Racing

MTB Race News, 5/19/13, Cohutta 100 – Ducktown, Tennessee

CyclingNews, 4/29/13, National Ultra Enduance (NUE) Series: Cohutta 100 2013

Pangea Adventure Racing, 10/9/12, Odyssey AR first to cross state at 2012 Sunshine Sea 2 Sea

Reckoneer, 9/28/12, Checkpoint Tracker Championship Kicks-off In West Virginia

Activate Magazine, Vol 2, Apr/May 2012    Activate Magazine – Interview

Activate Magazine, Vol 2, Apr/May 2012    Activate Magazine – 12 Hrs of Amelia

Florida Cycling Magazine, Vol 4, Issue 7, Apr 2012   FCM – SERC #1

Breathe Magazine, Vol 6, Issue 2, Jan 2012   Breathe Mag, Vol 6.2

Swiftwick, 10/21/11, Swiftwick Discovers It’s ONE Flaw, “Too Damn Good” at Checkpoint Tracker, 2011.

Florida Cycling Magazine, Jan 2012   FCM – FSC #9

Florida Cycling Magazine   FCM – FSC #7

Florida Cycling Magazine   FCM – FSC #3 WXC1 Report

Florida Cycling Magazine   FCM – FSC #1 WXC1

Pangea Adventure Racing, 6/1/11, Odyssey AR Enduringly Takes 30 Hour Sunshine

Florida Cycling Magazine   FCM – 12 Hrs Oleta 2011

Miami Sports Magazine   MSM – Feb 2011 – 12 Hrs Oleta p1

Breathe Magazine, 11/3/10, Odyssey Adventure Wins CP Tracker Nationals Championship

Cycling Utah, 11/3/10, Odyssey Adventure Wins Checkpoint Tracker Nationals Championship

Nova Southeastern University, Sharks Athletics   NSU Article – CPT Natls 2010

AR Rambing, 6/9/10, Atomic 24hr Race Report

Sun-Sentinel, 8/8/04, It’s ‘Down and Dirty’ for Racers

Sun-Sentinel, 8/5/04, Gender Gap

Sun-Sentinel, 9/29/03, It’s Unusually Rugged, But Mularski Conquers 3rd Tundra

Sun-Sentinel, 5/19/03, Whether Glitches or Glory, Race A Success

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