XTERRA Miami 2013

Most people hear the name “Moose” and think they’re going meet this huge beast, but I’m just a little grasshopper at 5’3”, 125lbs. I was actually a ChunkyDunker back in grade school, an athletic one that was on the soccer team. I played indoor and outdoor soccer through high school and also started running some local 5K and 10K events for fun. As a senior, I entered mountain bike races and sprint triathlons. I wasn’t fast, but I was always winning…only because there weren’t many girls racing in the 15-19 yr old age category. My break through into adventure racing started with the sprint Toyota Tundra Adventure Racing Series. I continued with that until my junior year in college when I transferred to Nova Southeastern University to join the Women’s Rowing team. What an amazing three years! I wish I could still be there doing the same things; eat, row, class, sleep, erg, eat, sleep. And the women, wow, this is where I really learned what it means to be a part of a team. My last regatta was in May 2006, at which point I decided to shift from 2000m sprint races to endurance sports. I chose the Jay Challenge 3-Day Stage Race (now Ultimate XC) in June 2006 as my welcoming party and have since been hooked.

The strengths I offer to the Odyssey Adventure Racing Team are my uber rockin’ trail riding skills, my love of bushwacking, and my ability to quickly move a boat through water. I’m not super fast, but extremely consistent and understand thoroughly the concept of pacing. I always remind myself of the following:

“Starting strong means nothing if you can’t finish the job” – Powerbar

“IWBMATTKYT” – Sufferfest

“Amaze yourself with your own strength” – Dove Promise (from the Dark Chocolate)

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare” – Juma Ikangaa.

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  1. Jenn, going to have to start following your endeavors. Your energy is addicting.



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