Swiftwick Saves

Posted on February 1, 2012


I was only about 20 minutes into my ride at Markham when I crashed pretty hard. I let my wheel twist on a drop and said “uh oh” as I went over my bars in slow-mo.  When I got up my elbow was throbbing! Finishing out the trail, I could feel it jiggling around with every little bump. Keeping my arm elevated, I strolled out to the car. I was hurting like a mama-jama!

I’ve said it before, and this time it’s for real. I’m keeping a first aid kit in the car! But for now, I’m at the park and I need a quick solution to keep riding before it gets dark.  And then, ta da! I spot my Swiftwick Compression socks I wore to work. Yes, my makeshift ACE bandage! I wrapped and tied that sucker tight around my elbow and off I went for another hour.

Although they did an excellent job saving my ride, they do look and feel much sexier on the legs!

Head on over to Swiftwick.com and use promo code PGA30 and save 30% off your own pair of sexy black Swiftwick Aspire Twelve compression socks until Feb 12th!